We take care of all or part of your manufacturing needs, from design and model making to finishing and packaging. From your samples to large runs or anything in between.

Our company has full manufacturing services to do any degree of completion. We have the ability to produce your items in many different finishes, highly polished, satin and brushed are some of the "looks" we can create and imitation gold, silver, rhodium and pewter ox are just some of the many finishes we can achieve.

Need to have crystals, paints or epoxies added, just ask.

We can cast and produce in different types of metal. Lead free pewter being the most common and used one, but also in zinc.

Size is also something we can work with. We cast small balls about 2-3 millimeters to large figures over a foot. It all depends on your needs and what your looking for.

Packaging is also an option and can be worked into any program to suit your needs.

White Metal Pewter Casting

Jewelry - Giftware - Figurines - Accessories - Picture Frames - Belt Buckles - Toys -

                                        Novelties- Hardware- Component Parts

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